Defying Gravity: The Creative Career of Stephen Schwartz from Godspell to Wicked
By Carol de Giere
ISBN 978-1-55783-745-5

A trailer of 1973 film Godspell.

Godspell was originally directed by John Michael Tebelak as new music and lyrics were introduced by Stephen Schwartz. Godspell is based on the Gospel According to St. Matthew. The show opened 5/17/71 Off-Broadway and transferred to Broadway in 1976. It ran for 2,124 performance off-Broadway and 527 on Broadway. Some of the most recognizable songs are “Day by Day”, ”Prepare Ye The Way Of The Lord”, ”Save The People” and “By My Side”.

Godspell presents the gospel of St. Matthew updated to New York City of the late '60s, featuring Jesus Christ as a wandering minstrel dressed like a circus clown. By blowing on an instrument that reaches only the ears of a select few around the bustling city, John the Baptist summons nine simpatico hippies to a fountain in Central Park, where they revel in the waters of their baptism. When Christ joins the group, the free-flowing fraternal love solidifies into a desire to spread the word of God around the city. Outfitting themselves in a nearby junkyard, the lively group makes its way around a sparsely populated fairy-tale version of the city, re-enacting Biblical parables with great enthusiasm and flamboyance.Godspell features an equivalent number of hummable hit songs.


Song: Day by Day

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