The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a musical combings sceience fiction and horror films. The Rocky horror picture show is one of the biggest cult films for decades. The movie starts with a recent engaged couple and getting a flat in the middle of nowhere. They start there strange journey and find a mansion own by Dr. Frank N futer. Dr. Frank is having a party for that he found the secret into creating a man for himself. This musical goes into how this engaged couple start having sex with other people and go above the limit. Frank shows his true colors with his women's lingerie, high heels, and makeup ,but sings about how he is a "sweet transvestite." In the 1970s this was a big film showing homosexuals to show their true self and to not be ashamed. This is one of the longest films still running in theaters at midnight and a big change in the sexual revolution.


Some of the stranger features and costumes can be seen well in this picture. Part of the success of the movie was the character's odd relationships with each other.

Rocky Horror Picture Show
Rocky Horror Picture Show of Riff Raff and Magenta)
Rocky Scrip