Welcome to the ENC 1102 Research Paper Wiki!

The purpose of this Wiki is to share reflections and research about the rock musicals we are researching in this course.

This is a sample page (Home). The names of the pages in this Wiki (as created by you) will be the titles of your chosen musical. You can create a page by clicking on (you guessed it) "New Page" in the LH menu, then name as appropriate. SCROLL DOWN

external image Pink+Floyd+-+The+Wall.jpg
Creative Partnership. "Hedwig and the Angry Inch". IMP Awards. n.d. .jpg file.
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Hopefully you've reviewed the lecture PowerPoint and read over the specific assignment description (if not, hop to it). Still not sure what to do? Post a question to the 'Ask the Professor' section of our course within Blackboard.

Notice that all new pages will appear in the list under the home page for the Wiki. You can use the left hand menu to navigate through the Wiki.

Each participant should feel free to edit any of the pages on this wiki, as well as add, revise, delete, or strengthen the assertions made on the pages.


My chosen musical already has a wiki page created for it. What should I do?
Add your own mini-essay to the page. Be sure to carefully delineate your contributions from the existing synopses by using headings, images, etc. Also, resist the temptation to copy work already on the page; what you contribute should not resemble what already exists.

How will you know what I contributed?
Each change to the wiki is tracked in the "History" section. I can track changes by username. It's good practice to make back-up files of all important assignments, and to protect the integrity of your contributions, I strongly suggest that you save a back-up of all contributions to this wiki on your personal PC (in a Word document).

What if I make a mistake on my page? What if I see mistakes on pages created by others?
The wiki allows for infinite revisions. If you spot a poorly-written or incorrect contribution on the wiki, you may certainly update or edit it. Just be sure to clearly label what you have done.

Please consult the specifications for this assignment in Blackboard (CD).

Additionally, each user may add links, images, widgets, tables, etc. by utilizing the tool bar above this message. It will appear once you click on the 'Edit' button (next to the picture of the pencil).

Happy Wiki-ing!